#Sandy5 Mobilization Around Fifth Anniversary of Superstorm


Five years ago, Superstorm Sandy blasted our city and our communities. Join us on October 28th as we remember, resist, and rise together five years after the storm. It will be a powerful display of our resilience and our commitment to building a better future.

We know that climate change makes storms like Sandy more violent and intense, and we know that fossil fuels are to blame. Disasters like Sandy will get worse as long as our elected officials keep supporting fossil fuels, and our most vulnerable communities will be the ones who suffer most. The people hit hardest by Sandy were the poor, people of color, immigrants, and otherwise vulnerable communities – just like Irma and Harvey today.

In October, we come together to say: that’s not who we are. In New York City we stand up for each other. That means every politician in New York, from the city to the federal level, must go beyond lip service and act on climate now.


On October 28th, we will gather in New York to remember what was lost to Hurricane Sandy, and to resist and rise up together.

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