First Meeting on Green Possibilities

Gardens Rising started its Phase One meetings with a round-table workshop at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, where community stakeholders and experts in green infrastructure discussed on the array of opportunities, limitations and all possible practices to build sustainable and storm resistant communities in the Lower East Side.

From noon to 2:00 p.m., engineers, designers, architects and professionals from related disciplines spoke with representatives and community stakeholders about the ideas and challenges the project could take on. On this first brainstorming activity, Gardens Rising invited general public to participate and share at the meeting, featuring:

  • Margot Walker and John McLaughlin, of NYC Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Ilan Kutok, head of Green Infrastructure for NYC Department of Parks.
  • Eva Hanhardt, City and Environmental Planning Consultant,and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at Pratt Institute.
  • Ross Martin, La Plaza Community Gardener and Landscape Designer.
  • Michael Mangieri, 6B Garden.
  • Fran McGorty, Diaz y Flores.
  • Maryanne Byington and Corinna Lindenberg, Green Oasis.
  • Carolyn Ratcliffe, DeColores.
  • Ayo Harrington, Orchard Alley.
  • Jamie Jenen, Elizabeth St Garden.
  • Aziz Dehkan,Gardens Rising and NYCCGC.
  • Charles Krezell,Gardens Rising and LUNGS.
  • Gianni Simplicio and Jesenia De Moya Correa, Gardens Rising staff.

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As a starting point, engineer Ilan Kutok spoke about his experience during a Spring walk through the community’s gardens, as he highlights their characteristics and possibilities, and lists aspects to be improved.

Voices heard in order are: Charles Krezell, Ilan Kutok, Maryanne Byington, Corinna Lindenberg, Margot Walker, John McLaughlin and Aziz Dehkan.

Ross Martin explained the idea of designing bioswales for La Plaza Cultural community garden together with Corinna Lindenberg, and other add on the levels of disruption to work with.

Voices heard in order are: Charles Krezell, Ross Martin, Corinna Lindenberg, Eva Hanhardt, and Margot Walker.

Margot Walker and John McLaughlin delve in the building of green spaces to reduce flooding and storm water flow in the Lower East Side.

Voices heard in order are: Margot Walker, Charles Krezell, Aziz Dehkan, John McLaughlin, and Ilan Kutok.

Several brainstorming session will take place during Gardens Rising‘s Phase One, in which team and staff members will examine the feasibility, cost, benefits and impact of proposed methods for storm water capture and to increase the permeability of the neighborhood.


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