Fourth Roundtable 2/3/16

The fourth Gardens Rising Roundtable took place Wednesday, February 3rd, from 6:30-8:30pm, at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, located on 232 E. 11th Street, behind St. Mark’s Church between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. As with the previous events, the roundtable features experts, stakeholders and interested members of the public in a brainstorming session to help the Gardens Rising project build nature-based green infrastructure in around our community gardens, to increase permeability in the Lower East Side of New York City.

Missed it? Download the minutes.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jack Linn, long-serving Assistant Commissioner of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Jose Pillach uses geospatial modeling and data analysis to study the impact of green infrastructure on NYC from economic, social and environmental perspectives
  • Vanessa Smith, of 3×3 Co., worked on the Beyond the Grid resilient energy and communications network plan for Lower East Side’s Two Bridges community
  • Lauren Alleman, Urban Conservation Scientist at the Nature Conservatory, has spent the majority of her career working on urban woodlands and coastal wetland restoration
  • Tricia Martin, of WE Design, works across public, non-profit, and private sectors to address challenged sites such as post-industrial waterfronts, greenways, green roofs, memorials, and vacant lots.

Other participants included:

Sarah Zaborowski of Campos Garden in the Great North Garden GroupShawn Dahl of DeColores Garden in the El Pueblo Garden GroupCarmine D’Intino of 6B in the Middle Earth Garden GroupBarbara Cahn of LaGuardia Corner Gardens, Magali Regis of Campos Garden/NYCCGC, Genevieve Outlaw of Manhattan Land Trust, Megan Pielli of La Plaza Cultural, Beverley Love of Green Oasis/Gardens Rising, Wendy Brawer of Siempre Verde/Green Maps, Casey Uy of Pratt Institute, Kristin Ellison of Suffolk St. Garden in the Southland Garden GroupJamie Jensen of Elizabeth St. Garden, Kelsey Wickel of NY Parks Dept., Gianni Simplico of Gardens Rising, Charles Krezell of Gardens Rising/LUNGS, and Aziz Dehkan of Gardens Rising/NYCCGC.

Listen to audio recordings from this and other roundtable events here.

All interested parties are invited to participate at all Roundtables. Admission is free to all. Please join us!

To RSVP, please leave a message at 646-481-0060 or email us at [email protected].

Inspired by Superstorm Sandy, Gardens Rising is a community-based project funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development through the NY State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, intended to control flooding in vulnerable city areas with nature-based infrastructure in our community gardens.

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