Gardens Rising Roundtables

First Gardens Rising Roundtable

The first Gardens Rising roundtable took place December 4, 2015 at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 E. 11th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

Our inaugural workshop included community gardeners, neighborhood stakeholders and noted experts in green infrastructure, landscape design and environmental planning. Scroll down and you can listen in on the discussions.

The Gardens Rising roundtables are an ongoing series of brainstorming sessions featuring our community stakeholders along with governmental and professional partners. These informative but informal conversations will focus on the opportunities, ideas, and challenges of Gardens Rising.

Please check with us for upcoming dates — everyone is welcome.

December 4 participants included:
Margot Walker and John McLaughlin, of NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Ilon Kutok, head of Green Infrastructure NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

Eva Hanhardt, City and Environmental Planning Consultant,and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at Pratt Institute

Ross Martin, La Plaza Community Gardener and Landscape Designer

As well as: Michael Mangieri from 6B Garden, Fran McGorty from Diaz y Flores, Corinna Lindenberg of Green Oasis, Carolyn Ratcliffe of DeColores, Ayo Harrington of Orchard Alley, Gianni Simplicio from Gardens Rising, Jamie Jenen from Elizabeth Street Garden, Jesenia De Moya of Gardens Rising, Maryanne Byington of Green Oasis, Aziz Dehkan of Gardens Rising and NYCCGC, Charles Krezell from Gardens Rising and LUNGS.

Listen to the audio from our First Round Table Audio Segment 1

Voices heard in order are: Charles Krezell, Ilon Kutok, Maryanne Byington, Corinna Lindenberg, Margot Walker, John McLaughlin and Aziz Dehkan.

Audio Segment 2 First Round Table

Voices heard in order are: Charles Krezell, Ross Martin, Corinna Lindenberg, Eva Hanhardt, and Margot Walker.

Audio Segment 3 First Round Table

Voices heard in order are: Margot Walker, Charles Krezell, Aziz Dehkan, John McLaughlin, and Ilon Kutok.

On Thursday, December 17 our Second Round Table took place at the Neighborhood Preservation Center.

December 17 Round Table participants included:

Tessa Huxley, former director of the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy;

Wendy Brawer, founder of Green Map System,

Samuel Robinson of Greenwood Robinson, a community driven landscape design firm;

John Shuttleworth, Civil Engineer from Albert’s Garden.

As well as: Peter Cramer from Le Petite Versailles Garden, Carolyn Ratcliffe of La Plaza Cultural, Barbara Cahn from La Guardia Corner Gardens, Christopher Batenhorst from 11BC and Relaxaton Gardens, Jesenia De Moya of Gardens Rising, Gianni Simplicio of Gardens Rising, Alexia Weidler from Campos Garden, Shawn Dahl of DeColores, Jamie Jensen from Elizabeth St Garden, Carmine D’Intino from 6B Garden and Charles Krezell of Gardens Rising and LUNGS.

Listen to the audio from our Second Round Table Audio Segment 1

Voices heard in order Audio Segment 1 from Second Round Table: Charles Krezell, Tessa Huxley. Wendy Brawer, Peter Cramer, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Barbara Cahn, Samuel Robinson, John Shuttleworth, Christopher Batenhorst

Listen to the audio from our Second Round Table Audio Segment 2

The Edgar Viele Map discussed in this segment can be found here.

Voices in order Segment 2: John Shuttleworth, Tessa Huxley. Christopher Batenhorst, Wendy Brawer, , Samuel Robinson, Charles Krezell, Jamie Jensen

Listen to the audio from our Second Round Table Audio Segment 3

Wendy Brawer’s photos: GreenStreets infrastructure-Hola LES Green Map- AA 15

Voices in order Segment 3: Wendy Brawer, Charles Krezell, Tessa Huxley, Samuel Robinson, , Christopher Batenhorst, Shawn Dahl, John Shuttleworth, Alexia Weidler, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Peter Cramer

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